WIRK’s Rib Round Up Music Festival

The festival combines all you love about country music & barbecue in one place.

It happens once a year: WIRK’s Rib Round Up Music Festival! This is an awesome experience with lots of food, cold beer, hand-crafted cocktails, and live music. Each year, the WIRK Rb Round Up is a festival you wouldn’t like to miss, especially if you are a BBQ and country music fan.

The event has everything you need for a great time, combining everything you love about country music and barbecue in the same place.

Upcoming festival dates: March 6, 2021 | Time: starting at 12:00 PM
The festival happens at 601 Sansburys Way #7, West Palm Beach, 33411
For specific information call (561) 795-8883 and for tickets go to

Come for the ribs…

This event is known for offering an array of tasty ribs as well as other delectable foods.

Tons of pounds of the tastiest ribs this side of Nashville are served during the WIRK Rib Round Up Country Music Festival at Coral Sky Amphitheatre every year. If you’re craving for good ‘ole fashioned pork ribs, pork shoulders, beef briskets and chicken, you can watch pit masters experts at the festival barbecue them for you.

Come for the entertainment…

Not only can you get a taste of the best BBQ food around, but music is the main attraction for most people. The entertainment is nonstop at WIRK’s Rib Round-Up. The line up always brings national recording artists and up-and-rising stars.

People coming to the festival know how to party! And one more thing, the sunset is out of this world.

Line up:


A look back to the festival in 2019

WIRK’s Rib Round Up Music Festival is a feel-good event and many people from all over the country come to meet up and enjoy good Southern cooking and epic country music. The amazing artists’ lineup and an array of exciting activities for attendees make this festival an experience you can’t pass.

Directions to WIRK’s Rib Round Up Music Festival

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