West Palm Beach Waterfront: Heart of the City; Pride of its Residents

A fave area for local residents and visitors to stroll, cycle, jog, boat, and enjoy.

West Palm Beach Waterfront
View of West Palm Beach Waterfront in the evening of July 24, 2019

At the heart of the city is our waterfront: beautiful, calm.

Beyond the diverse dining options of the downtown area –from Rosemary Square to Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.– the West Palm Beach Waterfront, popular for a variety of award-winning events, activities, and attractions is the go-to place for a walk, jog, or simply relax over the view.

Spending time by the waterfront is also an opportunity to connect with the nature and uniqueness of the Lake Worth Lagoon.

But the West Palm Beach Waterfront also calls for a series of new spaces that can create a better urban atmosphere, an urban ecosystem that can fuel a tangible dynamic and higher coastal-life experience.


Also, find here restaurants in West Palm Beach near the waterfront and events happening this month.

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