West Palm Beach Food Tours

A fun way to explore the history, architecture, lifestyle and culture of West Palm Beach.

Looking for a delicious and entertaining way to explore West Palm Beach? Take a West Palm Beach Food Tour and get off the beaten path and into some of the best, locally-owned restaurants. You’ll meet chefs, taste dishes (even some that have been featured on Food Network) and they’ll even teach you how to open a coconut during the tour’s tropical fruit show & tell!

The best thing? Along the way, you’ll be sprinkled in a little history, architecture, culture of West Palm Beach.

Food Tourism is currently the #1 trend in travel, so find out what all the buzz is about and join us for a West Palm Beach Food Tour.

Join the fun!

The West Palm Beach Food Tour runs Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am – 2 pm
Meeting point will be on your tickets—where in Downtown WPB
How Much? $65 (walking tour) – $75 (luxury van tour)

For information on tickets, visit westpalmbeachfoodtour.com or call (561) 331-1158 to make a reservation.

Eat, drink and discover

Food tells the story of a neighborhood’s people, history and culture. Exactly what you’ll experience with the West Palm Beach Food Tours, a top-rated attraction for everyone.

There are two tours to choose from:

Downtown West Palm Beach Food Tour (3 hours), which is a walking tour around neighborhoods in downtown, going into cafes and restaurants to try various foods, hearing both about the foods themselves and how they fit into our city’s culture.

And Dixie Dining Corridor Food Tour (3 hours), a luxury van tour going to culinary hot spots beyond downtown.

There is usually plenty of food to go around. On average you can visit 6-7 stops, each with a small plate of food or drinks, with guides usually explaining why this place or food was chosen and the history of culture of the neighborhood.

Overall, expect to eat a lot and have fun on any of the West Palm Beach food tours and get ready to taste the culture and the history that surrounds you. You might end up finding a new favorite dish or a delicious dessert you never heard of before!

Digging in…

Check some photos from recent tours: www.westpalmbeachfoodtour.com/photo-gallery-page

West Palm Beach Food Tour is an excellent attraction to experience the city’s food traditions, and its neighborhood’s people, history and culture.

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