Ragtops Palm Beach Automobile Museum

The newly renovated museum highlights America’s love affair with vintage automobiles.

Ragtops Museum

Ragtops Palm Beach Automobile Museum has has evolved into a premier destination in West Palm Beach, encompassing a large 8,000 square foot facility filled with special interest automobiles, breathtaking memorabilia, and two distinct showrooms featuring various automobiles and the unique Gift Garage.

Plan your visit. Ragtops Palm Beach Automobile Museum is located at:
420 Claremore Drive, W. Palm Beach, 33401
For information call (561) 655-2836 or visit ragtopsmotorcars.com

Wednesday – Saturday  10 am – 5 pm;  Sunday – Tuesday by Appointment

Donations are appreciated.

Originally founded as an antique and special interest collectible automobile dealership, it drifted into the special events industry almost by accident.

Separated by theatrical roll-drops and fully accessorized with magnificent antique automobiles and authentic memorabilia, Ragtops is worth a visit.

Directions to Ragtops Palm Beach Automobile Museum

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