Photos to Explore and Discover West Palm Beach

Here’s a compilation of some of the best photos we’ve recently taken around West Palm Beach

Either from a smartphone or DSLR, a photograph has the ability to express a moment in time we will always remember. What better way to explore and discover West Palm Beach today than looking at some great photos we have recently captured at different locations around the city.

These 8 photos are also a good way to share with others how we enjoy West Palm Beach, what attracts others to come, our culture and lifestyle.

The beauty of our Waterfront

Picnic by the Waterfront by Picnic Fashion
West Palm Beach waterfront is ideal for a picnic outing, like this setting provided by Picnic Fashion. (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

Oh, yeah! This is our main asset; the spot where most of the city’s residents and visitors come to relax, walk, jog, and have a good time. The waterfront is where most events happen, where a diverse dining option is found, and different activities and attractions provide daily fun and entertainment.

A waterfront dining is one of the many perks of living in or visiting the Palm Beaches, and activities like a picnic by the WPB waterfront could reward anyone with a memorable experience. So, grab a blanket and a basket, and come enjoy the view.

“I lost my shoe when I saw you”

8 Photos to Explore and Discover West Palm Beach Today
Large mural by Lonac catches the eyes of everyone visiting Clematis street. (Photo by Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine)

Seriously, things like that can happen, specially when you fall in love with someone or something.

Croatian artist Lonac left one of his signature arts imprinted in the heart of West Palm Beach’s hub for entertainment, dining, culture. Lonac painted this strikingly realistic piece on the east side of a parking lot building in downtown WPB, titled “I lost my shoe when I saw you,” featuring a boy and a girl sitting on a bench and looking at each other. This mural, created with spray cans and brushes, has added a glitter of fascination to the area.

Brewing a good social lifestyle

West Palm Beach Brewery
People hanging out at the West Palm Brewery & Wine Vault on a Saturday night (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

West Palm Beach’s population is over 100,000 people with a median age of 40—believe it or not, 5% lower than the Florida average. While most of the time, nearby cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s roads have many cars with no one driving at reasonable speed, West Palm provides a more laid-back lifestyle that makes it easier to enjoy all the city has to offer.

It also makes it easier to connect, go places, and hang out with friends, enjoying the Florida lifestyle we all love and live for. Breweries and food courts are sparking off a relaxed, pervading mood that residents like to be part of; a different kind of nightlife in contracts with the bustling atmosphere of larger cities.

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A global food scene

Pan-seared Alaskan Halibut at City Cellar 1
Pan-seared Alaskan Halibut served at City Cellar in Rosemary Square (Photo by Pedro Penalver, WPB Magazine)

In lack of high-profile international chefs and restaurateurs heading to town to open highly regarded concepts, there’s a slew of made-in West Palm Beach restaurant brands that offer exquisite menus at the nexus of the city’s food scene. Restaurants like City Cellar, The Regional Kitchen & Public House, Grato, Marcello’s La Sirena, Mazie’s, and Pistache French Bistro have added a distinguishable touch to fine dining to a city that is home to a large number of restaurants from numerous cuisines.

Art & culture

Seven Beings sculpture at ann norton sculptures and garden house
The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is a very special place with an interesting history. This sculpture in the ANSG is called “Seven Beings,” a giant sculpture, forty-seven feet long, creating an abstraction reminiscent of a mountain range. (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

West Palm Beach is a major cultural destination in South Florida with plenty of diverse arts and cultural events throughout the year, museums, theatres, and renowned art venues with myriad exhibits and activities every season.

There are art museums, cultural centers and tons of murals scattered around the downtown area. Community events abound each week and a 20,000-seat open air amphitheater is home to touring national music acts throughout the year. It all makes West Palm Beach culturally relevant and exciting today.

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Flamingos at Palm Beach Zoo
Flamingos walk behind a zookeeper during the ‘Flamingo Experience’ at Palm Beach Zoo, one of the top-rated attractions in West Palm Beach. (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

Fine & casual dining, world-renowned art museums, Broadway-quality shows, an popular annual events & festivals are among the reasons to visit or live in West Palm Beach. And as a blossoming urban center with cultural treasures, there are many attractions and sights in the city beyond the most popular tourist attraction in the county: the beach.

West Palm Beach makes a desirable holiday destination for visitors and a fantastic staycation for those in the area with many points of interest that include a zoo, a water park, Florida’s only drive-through safari and walk-through amusement park, a science center and aquarium, golf courses, and numerous parks for outdoor activities, kayaking, trailing, biking, and much more.

Boating & yachting

Yatchs at West Palm Beach waterfront
View of yachts anchored at Palm Harbor Marina, the only marina located in Downtown West Palm Beach. (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

There’s an annual boat show in West Palm Beach waterfront that draws hundred of thousands of boats and yachts enthusiasts each year. That says West Palm Beach is perfect to enjoy the waters.

Come by boat, stay for the fun!

West Palm Beach offers intracoastal water access at Currie Park. There are also 3 docks along the waterfront for non-commercial vessels that provide easy access to boaters to downtown’s attractions, events, dining, and entertainment options.

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Dazzling views

West Palm Beach Waterfront at Night
View of the West Palm Beach skyline at night (Photo by Addiel Perera, WPB Magazine)

They say: “all roads lead to Rome.” We say: “it all ends up in the waterfront.”

The waterfront is the coolest scene in downtown West Palm Beach and views of its skyline are always astonishingly breathtaking day and night. Beyond its panoramic views, find businesses that have unique stories to tell, friendly people enjoying quality time, cultural centers and residential complexes that are changing what the city used to look like in decades. But the waterfront will always be the focal point of attention for the perfect shot that should not be missed.

Enjoy these 8 photos to explore and discover West Palm Beach today, taken in different districts of the city by WPBNOW & WPB Magazine photographers.

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