District Farmers Market at Grandview Public Market

Featuring organic fruits, vegetables, sustainable food, artisan specialties, art, and a lot more.

District Farmers Market at Grandview Public Market

The popular Grandview Public Market in West Palm Beach where chefs, artists, and entrepreneurs provide gifts, stylish home goods, and a food hall with 12 vendors, is also a local farmers’ market destination each Saturday during summertime.

District Farmers Market at Grandview Public Market is something that everyone should experience. The market features organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, clean meats, sustainable seafood, prepared foods, and also regional artisan specialty vendors, local art, and a lot more.

Though the District Farmers Market is a seasonal event, it is located at 1401 Clare Ave, West Palm Beach. The hours are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.


So, what to expect?

This is an amazing weekly event to try good food and shop form a variety of local vendors. You’ll be surprised to find so many handmade goods, sustainable food, and such a great mix of organically grown produce.

Fresh produce

District Farmers Market at Grandview Public Market

Organic vegetables are good for you and better for the Earth. You will find fresh organic produce to include rare fruits, veggies, greens, mushrooms, and much more without the premium price. One of the vendors, Kelly Dakis of TasteBudz Organicz sells fresh organic fruits and veggies that taste great and stay fresh longer!

Fall in love with ‘pasta’

District Farmers Market at Grandview Public Market

Good cooking is simple but you need the right ingredients.

If you like everything Italian, Pasta Amore will cater fresh gourmet pasta for all your cravings, Chef Gabriel Daguerre takes the time to ask questions to know the customers’ needs and explains how to best cook his pasta for the best taste possible.

Bite-size herbs and vegetables

District Farmers Market at Grandview Public Market

You will find young vegetable greens approximately 1–3 inches that can have an aromatic flavor and concentrated nutrient content known as “microgreens.” Sara Harmon, co-owner of LGF (Lush Greens Farm), says their flavor is much more intense than that of mature greens and they can be added to salads or use them to garnish soups and sandwiches. How to care for them? Don’t worry; they’ll teach you how to.

Wait. There’s a lot more!

While the market is happening, you can also enjoy the main attraction there, the food hall, that continues to offer a permanent and rotating selection of local vendors of dining options. Find the current list here.

Directions to the District Farmers Market

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