Coastal Living at its Best, West Palm Beach’s Style

Two West Palm Beach locals are having lunch in one of the extra sittings along the waterfront. | Photo WPBNOW!

Cities like Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Sarasota, and Miami do hold an advantage in the ‘best coastal living cities in Florida’ contest in comparison with our city. We have no beach. But a healthy, friendly, and tranquil coastal living experience in West Palm Beach is at the center of our everyday lifestyle.

The constantly near-perfect weather and a beautiful waterfront skyline make up for the missing beach—which is only less than three miles away. Add to that, the myriad possibilities of outdoor recreational activities and events the waterfront area is capable to host ad rem.

For those work in downtown WPB, there’s a plethora of opportunities to make lunch hour a relaxing moment of zen. Those living in downtown can enjoy a dream-like place for families.

Residents in the greater West Palm Beach feel the waterfront is our main asset. Downtown is an active arts community and also runs a busy calendar of events, festivals, shows, free concerts, and seasonal markets throughout the year.

The combination of new and old Mediterranean-style architecture cater to a more pedestrian-friendly lifestyle and people who love to jog, walk or ride bicycles will find the most sustituible downtown in Florida to do so.

Boaters will love the Intracoastal course along West Palm Beach waterfront because of its views and serene ride. Waterfront-activities enthusiasts can enjoy here endless moments of kayaking and paddle boarding—the perfect mix between having fun on the water and daily workout.

There’s a young and vibrant community in West Palm Beach, with the median age of 38. With a population of 100,000 people, 46 percent of the population is age 25-64 and a full 78 percent are over the age of 18.

So yes, the West Palm Beach’s coastal living experience is quite exciting for the diversity and variety of people who call this city home.

Disclaimer: this photo was taken by WPBNOW photographers on December 12, 2017. You may use this photo for editorial purposes crediting WPBNOW.

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There are many reasons that make West Palm Beach’s coastal living experience as unique as the beauty of its waterfront. It’s what makes it an exciting city.

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